Online Angel Ltd

Heaven Sent Virtual Assistants


Online Angel Ltd brings the Executive PA to wherever you are in the world. Our aim is to bring calm in to a hectic life.

Established in 2006 by Allyson Gaskin, Online Angel Ltd now has a small team of people, cherry picked for their skills and experience.  Together we look after the requirements of an elite group of clients.

Your selected VA works from her home or in some circumstances can work from your home / office, we try to fit in with your requirements, timetable and schedule and we can also travel abroad if necessary.  We also have the use of a Private Members club in central London.  There are no geographical limitations.
Above all, we are happy to take on any role from VA work to organising food for a dinner party.

Our clients tend to be British-based and contract our services on a monthly basis, however we would be happy to take on overseas clients on an ad hoc basis as and when they are in the country, or when they need a specific project undertaken.

The team have all worked to an extremely high level and all have their own expertise.

Virtual Assistants are one of the latest must haves to hit the modern entrepreneurial arsenal, in fact as entrepreneurs themselves they have vested interests in their clients’ success.
Typically they become an integral part of their clients’ businesses, handling a wide range of duties…

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